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Riki Yanase
Riki Yanase
Age 27
Occupation Government official
Height 180cm/6'11"
Weight 74kg/165lbs

Riki Yanase (柳瀬流輝 Yanase Riki) is a thief and a potential romance option in Love Letter From Thief X. At night, he is the leader of The Black Foxes, a notorious group of thieves who retrieve illegally acquired artwork to return to their rightful owners. During the day, he is a functionary for the Ministry of Finance in Japan.

Biography Edit

Riki Yanase was born on August 22nd. He is the eldest of two children; Riki was ten years old when his sister, Ibuki, was born. Shortly thereafter, his mother died in a tragic accident.

Riki attended and graduated from the University of Cambridge, a prestigious university in Cambridge, England.

Characteristics Edit

Riki is infamously known among The Black Foxes for being unable to hold his liquor and his alcohol-induced idiocy. Drinking a single glass of vodka-based liquor will get Riki drunk, in which the normally cool, confident leader turns into a loud, clingy crybaby.

Screenshots Edit

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Riki was born on August 22nd. Presumably, he was born in 1984.
  • Riki was ranked #13 in Voltage's Characters General Election 2011 poll with 2,353 votes. He then ranked #17 in their 2012 poll with #4,764 votes, #14 in their 2013 poll with 15,472 votes, and #24 in their 2014 poll with 19,632 votes.

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